by John Ukeats

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Music recorded between 2012-2015.


released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


John Ukeats Dothan, Alabama

I like to yell about sad things and play ukulele. Not much else I can tell you. It's different.

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Track Name: Introduction
Adventure time,
Come on grab your friends,
Well go to a very,
Distant land.

Jake the dog,
And Finn the Human,
The fun will never end,
Adventure Time
Track Name: The First Rule Of Fight Club...
I swear sometimes you make me want to scream.
I can't stand all the silence that you bring.
It really fucking makes me mad,
That all I do is try to is just,
To make you move.
And all you do is yell at me and fight.

I swear sometime I make you want to scream.
You can't stand all the pestering I bring to you.
All you want to do is sit and talk,
But all we do is fight all night long.
Track Name: Forty Two
We wonder this life for answers,
About love and disbelief.
While most of the time we're too afraid,
Of what we want answered.

I will search for this forever.
This question that that rattles all brains.
It speaks to the soul,
It breaks the heart.
It is the true meaning of pain.

Is it the mystery of the end of time?
Or is it to bare the burden of the world?
But time has no meaning,
And I am too afraid of death.
The question that rattle my brain,
That keeps me up at night,
Is who know's how to make love stay?
Track Name: Streets
I'm sorry
I can't breathe
So much time spent away
So much time that I need

Why can't you just stay?
With your warm hands
Lay down next to me,
and caress a broken man.

Why can't your love come easy
This battle has worn me down
Your love lit a flame in me
but now it's dwindling down.

How can you love a man,
That even he can't stand
Track Name: Little Man
You question why I listen to these sad songs
Well I want answers to why you're never here
I need you the most now
I want to feel your love.

And my mind wonders,
"What is Love?"
And my heart wonders,
"What's the point of love?"
Track Name: Hashtag Ryanssodas
Do I make you happy?
Can you keep your smile?
Do you even care
That our life isn't changing?

It is not changing.

My door is open,
But my windows are closed.
Let me trap you inside,
And never let you go.
Track Name: Lindian Legend
I have come to terms with the fact that I am alone. My hands are growing old waiting to hold you once again. My heart is fighting the calluses that are trying to grow on him. I am giving in. I am giving in. I am tired of fighting. Why did you go? Why did you leave? Please come back home. Please come back to me.
Track Name: Pepperoni Party
It seems these days
I'm more focused on slipping
Than in loving you
In loving you

I want you to be here
To hold me in the night
To whisper I love you
I love you

I can't seem to shake this feeling
To much regret in my head
All these fucking thoughts
And pointless hopes
About you staying

It seems these days
I've been missing you more
And when your around
I want you more
Want you more

You promised me your love
Well I'll promise you everything